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    Old Player ( May come back for a few PVP server)

    Hi, I played at release actually had a fairly large guild that has been around for 16 years, I no longer run it anymore since I'm in game development, so no real time for it. I still try to game when I can.. Anyways, not sure if anyone I know is still around, my guild was Divided-Allegiance, my name was Recon. I read the forums, and I still see Jordi and team is still hard at work which is great, glad to see Xsyon one of my old favorite games still going. I read some where about range combat, I sure hope to see that one day since I'm not a fan of melee combat in most games.

    Anyways I hope to see some of you in game.. I will not be joining any guilds at first, since I don't have the time for a guild. I just want to mess around and play when I can with out any stress of a guild for now.

    Edit: I have to wait for support, my account for my account from release I believe is gone, did this happen to anyone else???
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    Hello reacon, nice to see you are back. i remember your place, it was a large tribe in 1022.
    no accounds should be gone so far. i suggest you to drop a totem anywhere and build up a small place by your own. as soon as you can spend more time to xsyon you should try to make a large tribe again. most of them are gone and thats a pity.

    i play on PVE server which has a higher population than PVP, but still not close to the amount of players we had when you were active. good luck, feel free to ask if you need anything or any help in case you try PVE.

    (ig) Pean

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    Well I know for sure my tribe area is gone.. has been for just over a year.. You left before I did Pean.. I'm currently in Repopulation, but have been considering tryin this out. I am waiting.. waiting.. waiting.. for them to get me some kind of game code that works with steam.. All 3 of mine say invalid when I try to activate.

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