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    is anybody out there ?

    Hello all I am a new player to this game, I have learned the basic and my character has survived for awhile now but i thought it would be better to play with other people, maybe someone interested in some RP or just to play the game together and build some cool things

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    you should try to find a new player and learn the game together from ground up, build up a own place. maybe recruit more player and grow. in a big tribe you will get the possibility to build, but thats it. and the area will be way smaller than in your homestead

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    First, welcome to Xsyon! If you haven't already, try reaching out in global and say hello.
    It would help to know which server you're playing on as well as your in-game name. Both servers have tribes that would love to welcome you I'm sure, but it would help to know who to contact and where.

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    I tried to use global many times with no response, but I am on the war server and my characters name is the same as my account name

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    The War server is pretty much dead most of the time, been playing on there for a couple of weeks now and have only seen a handful of people talk in global.

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    well peaceful isnt much better, I dont need a thousand people to play with just a handful of survivors would be nice

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    Hi Keendor, I saw your message in global on War server, but I was afk when you wrote it and when I replied you had logged off. Sorry I missed you!

    The war server is not very active, but there are some people playing and you are welcome to join my tribe if you want, or set up a camp close by and we can help each other out. On Peace server I am a member of a tribe and of course you'd be welcome to join us also. I play mostly EU hours, but I log on now and then throughout the day. PM me if you want to meet up in game!

    The peace server is much more active but this game doesn't have a large population compared to most mmos. But there are several active tribes and if you are happy with a small group then you can find that on either server. But it depends on the time of day how many you will run into. Also a lot of people rarely chat in global.

    I hope I see you in game, I am Hedera on War, and Kataya on Peace.

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    peace is a bit chatty if you start up the conversation - it can be a bit quiet without someone starting but I find saying hi asking about peoples day and if they are doing something interesting gets them going

    if that doesn't work explaining how you keep getting stalked by rabid feral deer seems to wake them up

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