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    We are not that developed like Pawnee (not even close I think) or VR (not even close ta them either XD) but we are recruiting. I am a fair leader and I enjoy helping other tribes by giving the materials I loot from abandoned tribes (or from people that haven't been on for like half a month or so). We have a strict code of honor when looting that if we loot something and within a week we get told to give what we looted back to the owner we have to give it back or something equivalent to the item we took, but if a week goes by and this is in real life, then they have lost out and we count it as finders keepers (This only applies to people that didn't lock their bin's correctly before leaving for a vacation etc.). Right now I like supplying one of our allies with fabric. Some of our goals are still in the making but so far our tribe will aim for 2 things that are optional to follow when joining. We aim to be Revenant slayers because generally I feel more slayers would make the game a bit safer, we also aim to have lots of crafters, builders, gatherers etc.. I hope I get new members soon and if your new welcome to the game . We are on the peace server XD. WARNING: At the moment the beer I was drinking got ahold of me. I am trying to sober up but I have caused some misunderstandings of what I myself and my tribe members if they so choose to partake in these activities do when we loot. I sincerely apologize for the misunderstandings and hope they wont consider us as enemies. I do not wish for my fellow tribesmen to fall into something I have caused with my incorrect explanations of the things that I myself have been doing. We are still recruiting and I am staying away from ANYTHING with a totem since it seems I shouldn't be doing such things. Have a nice day and hope you all enjoy Xsyon and its features.
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    You forgot to mention which server your on.

    Small tip regarding revs, no point slaying them in medium or higher danger zones unless you plan on dropping a totem, as they will just respawn after 3 hours if you don't.

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    There is about a 5% chance that revs will not respawn in medium+ danger areas, so if you want to get rid of them repeated clearings do have a point.

    Plus they are good for combat experience.

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