Twas' a sweet day in my house. The day was going by smoothly. I decided to take a nap because I personally am a on a whim type of guy. As I slept I dreamt, I dreamt of creating a tribe and helping, watching it grow. I watched that tribe grow to epic proportions its members strong and helpful. As I dreamt I noticed they were preparing for something of an expedition. It seemed to be time to quell a threat that will most likely offer a great boon to the land of Xsyon. They marched, and as they marched the opposing side had formed its full army to fend off this tribe. The battle was an army of 250 Revenants and they were facing the Tribe that I now watch in my dream named FeralEdges.

As the Tribe I now watched approached the battlefield, they prepared to charge. This battle would decide whether it was safe or not to loot the tribe that had been abandoned and left these revenants here. Then without a moments noticed the Tribe charged. Men and women of all sizes, speeds, everything charged forth into the fray of undead daemons. Club clashed against armband, axe hacked against face, knife slashing and stabbing through vests and flesh, the tribe had the upper hand due to the equipment made by their crafters. The battle was in their favor. They were going to be victorious. For every tribesmen slain 7-8 revenants were taken down with them. These warriors were like the Celtic berserkers of old times each time one fell the other killed even more till they fell.

And I woke up. I was in a cold sweat and my heart was beating fast. I felt exhilarated, I felt I should create this tribe and participate within a battle such as the one I dreamt of. That my friends was the Founding of the Tribe FeralEdges.