Hello everyone.

Well, I just discovered the game this morning, and was kinda surprised about some choice that Notorious Games did.
So by the way that I am curious, I make an account to ask my questions to them.

If players can answer some questions, it's ok also.

So the game started on 2011 and was release on steam in 2014.

Since those time, site and forums was open (site is only a vBulletin?), and we have only 63.000 forum members, and I assume that a good part just created an forum account after viewing the price for get a game account.

I assume also that most of game account aren't playing anymore, about 2-3 buzz rush.

Since 2012, Wurm was a direct opponent, and it's a FreeToPlay (i don't know that game more than that one)

And MMOgames aren't on best days, most MMO that comes out now with month paid system will loses its community and then go on FreeToPlay, see WildStar, Elder's Scroll Online, Secret World, Aion, Rift, Tera, and all others.

So, why this game, with graphic quality under the average quality of today, unknow of anyone, with direct opponent that are free, and in the middle since 1-2 years of the "rush of sandbox" created by Minecraft, are still on paid system ? And more, why did you choose AT START this system ? Did you make some analysis at those time about the risk/advantage ? If yes, can you share me it ?

This kind of system isn't the best on our day to get a big community, and since community make game sucess, it's can then give money back by cash shop and premium and others stuff. Since around 10-20% will paid on that, but you can't have 10 times more people, money will not be different.

So an other question, what did you plan for the futur ? Staying on this system ? Changing ? More communication ? Just "wait&letpeopleplay" ?

And finally, how much people are working on this game ? It seems that was made by a Indie Team, which would explain why the game didn't fall with only few people staying, but I assume it's the work of one dev, who work on a real other job ?

And just to clarify, it's not criticism or personal attack or whatever, I am a dev guy, gameplay analyst&prog, and I am fully surprised/curious about how this games survive to the hard real world of gaming.

PS : Sorry if my English is kinda bad