Hello all figured I'd type this out so people might get a better understanding of me.

I'm a 22 year veteran of mmos from way back on 28k modems I was a sick child so I spent most of my early years online (started at 8 years old) been running guilds / doing pvp for over 15 years now and ran one of the largest guilds in 4-5 games - I don't say any of this to brag I consider myself a veteran noob in most games I have lots of experience and can learn fast but I don't know this game 100% which makes it fun and hey its why we all join games. I've been kinda loving sandboxes since well before they had a real name (I'm really hoping for a expanded name since sandbox is becoming over used now in days for any play it your way game not construction games like xsyon) I've got a strange sense of humor and pretty much enjoy talking and making new friends - I like the community of games I feel they keep me in the game far longer then the game itself. I've played many games for years longer then I would have without a good community which is why I wanna help out when I find one. From my first day I felt welcomed in xsyon and very few times have I seen such a welcoming community (see there was a reason I stated how long I played - xsyons friendly rating is top 10 and out of 22 years that says something) and I look forward to this game growing