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Thread: active tribes ?

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    active tribes ?

    I really like this game, the mechanics are interesting and fun but I play mmos to play with other people and this game has a very small community and everyone on chat says the game has players but I really only seen 4 different people in chat... would love to resub but I cant justify it playing all alone

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    well it really depends on when you play and how long each time as to who you will see. Both Pawnee and Twilight tribes are ver active and will have someone on most pars of the day USA/Canada times.

    If you are interested, you can join Pawnee and I will set you up with a bigger than normal plot to work with and have people to talk with all the time ( well, when they are in and not afk for some reason of course )

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    Players on War seem to be allergic to global chat. Players on Peace are much more chatty. Maybe it's the whole non-homicidal world view.

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    its cause talking on war means they know you exsist and the other 3 players are now looking for you

    on peace though I rarely don't have at least 5-15 people to talk to and generally managed to wake up some hermits to

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