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    Male seeking MMORPG addiction

    How come the first MMORPG Ultima Online is still, to this day, the greatest MMORPG created. I've come to terms with the fact that there will never be another game like it. That era of games put out many original titles such as: Myth 2 Soulblighter, red orchestra(little later), UO and many more. I assume, the game Dev's these days don't have as much creative freedom, thanks to the call of duty and WoW obsessed Hordes of mountain dew addicted, pre-teens shit heels.
    Alas there is still hope, and still an original title here and there. So if you guys could be so kind as to answer me a few questions that would be real super, thanks!
    First off do you think this game is worth getting into?
    How is the community?
    I read that there was a free trial, but I couldn't find anything about it before 2014, and when I try to login through the launcher it just says I don't have an account. am I missing something?
    Thank you for enabling my lazy nature and holding my hand

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    Hi....Im not an active player atm but i do still read the forums and log in and stir up trouble from time to time.
    1) the game has a big learning curve to start but once you understand the mechanics there is tons to do and see...i personally think its too lego land since the servers were split...pvp should have never been seperated.
    2) the community is great but small and small i mean by really small. the generation of gamers now a days, want everything for free but are willing to pay for cash shop items which the game does not have. leading to your last question.
    3) the free trial is gone...i spose due to the games release on steam and thinking there would be tons of people flooding in...Free to play or trial was being handheld by the majority of PVE players, allowing them to do just about anything in the game a paid player could do thus the game was not supporting itself.

    this is only my opinion...others will say different but could still agree with my points. Hope this helps you but to play you must pay... minimum of purchasing the game for 30 days, afterwards you can play free but with limitations and mind wont like the limitations.


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    In case anyone comes across this post, this game is now Buy 2 Play, meaning you pay for it once and can play online on either the war server or peace server (or both) forever for free with no limitations.

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