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    GIJoe597 here, two game days old as of this post, game name Joseph.

    Still finding my way, but enjoying the journey. I am retired military, 21 years in before I cracked my spine and had to retire. I live in Alamogordo, New Mexico, but hail from Valdosta Ga.

    Since my retirement I seem to play computer games full time, been playing Eve for 12 years, have always enjoyed its open world do anything play, albeit in space. Lately I have been looking at some of the other "open world" games available but I detest zombies and/or vampires.

    I am giving Xsyon a try, purchased the game/1 month of play time. So far enjoying finding/discovering things, am a tad disapointed the player base is apparently very small, but I have been aware for years that Eve has ruined me in regards to player numbers in other MMO's (whole world plays on one common server in Eve - minus Communist China).

    I enjoy long walks on the bea.. oh,, different web site, sorry..

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    Welcome to the Greater Tahoe Area.

    Enjoy your walks along the beach. Just watch out for the bears.

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