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    Anyone remember me?

    Hi there - I played this game when it was Alpha/Beta and was in a "guild Lailah". I think I was either Jinjer or Jorjie in game.

    I have not played since. Long story but the short version is we moved to Ecuador (from Florida) and I am settled enough to (maybe) get back into this game. I just got fiber optic cable so I now have enough bandwith to actually play online games.

    All of my notes did NOT make the move and I don't remember anything else about which server or the names of my fellow players/members..... so sorry! So I am not sure if any are still playing or not.

    Thank you in advance for any and all infomation you may be able to provide - I look forward to hearing more about the progress of this game and if anyone does remember me!

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    Welcome back.

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    Welcome back mappam. I only started 3 days ago, so of course will not remember you, but if you are starting out fresh and want to work together as new players feel free to contact me, in game name is Joseph.

    If you decide to connect with old friends/established players, good luck in that also and keep me in mind for trade purposes
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    Hi Mappam. I remember you (you helped out a bit as Guide Lailah as you recall).

    Welcome back!

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    Welcome back.
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