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    Base material items where quality does not matter.

    Which game items are used and quality is not a factor? Such as log/trees or grass? Things like that.

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    Anything you just want to gain skill with or stats.

    Things where quality matters is when you are making it for a special reason. Like bonuses on food for the buff, but if you just need food any QL will work. Or if you want the best armor protection, you need high QL. But if you just want it for looks it won't matter. Basket QL doesn't matter unless you want to store things that decay.

    So there are a whole many things (pretty much everything) that doesn't require high QL.

    It's a matter of what are you planning to do with the mats?

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    Trying to ascertain the basic stuff that is used in large quantities that a new player, such as myself, may be able to supply and get some trade going. Leave the high end stuff to the older characters..

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    The most demand for basic resources are for materials that take time to gather but can be used quickly to grind skills and most importantly stats. Granite and limestone for toolcrafting or masonry, specially for bricks and fortitude. Cones for forestry and spirit. At one time there was a demand for fish, but there is less now that fishing has a higher success rate.

    Grand building projects may require lots of bricks/mortar/wood/thatch, but you have to find someone in the middle of a project.

    Scavenged blueprints have a ready market and quality never matters. Nails are also always in demand and buyers generally are not picky about quality.

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    Thank you for the info thurgond.

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    is this still valid? Not for the one-off market stuff, but the ongoing trade items granite, cones etc... and what are the price ranges for peace?

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    I'm not sure what prices are or if people even buy them at all instead of just getting themselves. But still applies. Skill grinding items does not matter one QL.

    So if you want to get AGI and SPR up higher, you could make handles out of blocks of wood (woodcraft skill) and it wont matter that the QL of the woodblocks (or even handles) are low QL because it's all about doing the woodcrafting skill to get AGI and SPI higher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrDDT View Post
    I'm not sure what prices are or if people even buy them at all instead of just getting themselves.
    ^^^Pretty much this^^^

    Granite used to be a big trade item for large tribes, used to be around $3k for a full bin, but that was when there was an exploit that let you carry all of that without the weight being a factor, now the only way to move that amount around the map is with a death port.
    Some still buy it, just don't expect them to get it from your trade totem, you will probably end up gathering it at or near their tribe, and trading face to face.

    Don't think cones have ever been a trade item, QL 100 tree seeds are but iirc you need to max out forestry for them to be any use to you, and as you have already maxed out forestry you can get your own QL 100 seeds.

    Nails will always sell as you need them for so many different things.

    In a nutshell there is very little economy in this game, and little reason to have one seeing as any player can do everything in game, the only bottlenecks stopping everyone doing this is themselves and time.

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    Time is always valued in every game. Many games have a great economy even if you can do 100% of the items yourself because not everyone likes to do the same thing. Also some people have access to things that near where they are so just get that.

    In fact I would say the best economy games are ones where players can do 100% themselves just choice and time is the only reason they don't. Look at Wurm Online, EVE online, Ultima Online. Even look at games like Diablo 3 and Path of Exile.

    The reason why I think there is little economy, because of many other reasons. Like item balancing, drive to do things and strife. Most people only objective currently in game is to build a "cool" looking base. So the value of items is almost always based around that.

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