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    Forum activity and the message it may be sending to potential players.

    Hello all,

    I wanted to point out something we may be overlooking...

    As a new player, 5 or 6 days in game now, the first thing I looked at, when considering trying the game or not, was the Xsyon forums. One clear "tell" for me is the activity, or lack of, on any game forum. Generally, dead forum means dead game.

    I took the chance anyway as I was/am intrigued by the mechanics/notion of Xsyon, despite the, let's be honest, rather dead forum.

    I would urge all current users to start using these forums as much as possible. Leave messages to others, Tribes, etc. It may help potential new players, who may be turned off by a dead forum, from not judging the game dead. In the last few days I have had several people in game type they avoid the forums and I am not sure why, I am hoping we all can change that and breathe some life back into them.

    Let us show potential players there are indeed active people playing the game, and it is not a mistake to "waste" money on a dead game.

    One thing which has always been true no matter where I am or what I am doing is the following;

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results - Albert Einstein

    Let us see if, collectively, we can get different results.


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    Hi Joe,

    I have mixed feelings about the forum activity. There were times when these forums were more active than the game itself and the net effect on was negative as they became a time drain for myself and volunteer (and paid) assistants.

    I know most active players don't bother with the forums these days. I do spark discussions in the Developer Zone from time to time and highly encourage participation there. I'll open some new threads for discussion this coming month.

    What has had the most positive effect on bringing in new players is posting reviews on other sites and making posts on other popular forums. The list I compiled here is a good place to start!

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    Roger, understood, was only my opinion, and we all know how opinions are.

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