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    7th Rangers looking for trade partner

    ***UPDATE 20 April, 2016***

    7th Rangers are no longer SOV holders, so please disregard this original message. I am still available to assist, but I am a Nomad now. 07

    Game name - Joseph
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    Sup Joseph.

    You may not want to limit yourself to just new players since even vets like me will happily trade for any quality of resources like bricks, mortar and wood products.

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    Old characters already know what they want and need and will ask for it.

    New people only see the trade totem and think I have no money, where do I even get money from? But, I do not want to level scavenging, darn, I will have to. In my head, the more tribes we have building up/prospering, the better the economy may become. I am not too keen on just 3 or 4 "large" tribes in game. We need the large towns as hubs, yes, but we also need the pioneers living on the edges providing the basics.

    I am a dreamer and a lunatic, I know, but I envision a game where you have "trade hubs" and you have supporting tribes. Think of a game like Civilization as a prime example.. one town is known for its lumber and they supply other towns. Another town is known as a fishing village, they will supply fish to farmers/cooks etc. Yet a different town, is known as having the best Masons and the best Bricks.

    To take it s step further, the Mason Tribe is full of Artisans which do not Farm/Hunt or Log. They MUST depend on a Tribe of Farmers to supply them with food.. The Farmers, in turn get to purchase/trade/barter for high quality bricks to improve their town.

    Each tribe/town working in a symbiotic relationship, which together, builds up the game world as a whole. After all, we are trying to rebuild civilization, no?

    (Disclaimer! It may just be the Diazepam and Hydrocodone not mixing well in my system. In which case, you may ignore all of the above)

    I am targeting new players, but I will always trade with an established player if I can provide the good(s) or service(s) they require.
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    well my tribal area is in zone 1020, which is nearby. I'd be interested in potentially trading. My skills are mainly in toolcraft, basketry, and clothweaving. I am interested in finding someone who could trade feathers, bones, and shovels.

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    yelekam, thank you for completing a quest on our Quest Totem! Concerning the three items you require - I also chose Toolcrafting as well as Logging and Forestry. As such, I do not have feathers, bones or shovels to trade as they are used/gathered by Weapons/Salvage, Hunting/Bonecraft and Weapons/Weaponcraft.

    General heads up:
    During the holiday "season" as we are in now I do not think I will be on daily. I also plan on a trip to the east coast within the next 2 weeks. It typically lasts 45 to 60 days, some times 90 days, depends on what I am doing. If I do not respond here or elsewhere on forum it is not that I am ignoring anyone. 07

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    I am back from vacation, should be in game soon.

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    OP updated. 07

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