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    Voice Chat

    I have secured space on a Teamspeak 3 server with a room for Xsyon. The group Pirates In Real Life is graciously letting is use their server. The password is Xsyon.

    TeamSpeak address:

    If you are unfamiliar with TeamSpeak it is a great voice chat program, I have used it, as well as other programs, for years.

    Download the CLIENT version here:

    Please do connect and let us have some conversation, it is much better than typing and you do not have to "squint" to read the tiny text in game. Not to mention it will save your wrists from further deterioration

    Edit: Made clear we are using a PIRL server and they are the ones allowing us the space.
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    The channel is set up where the first room is for general chit chat, then there are sub channels for any tribe which wants one. I have created a sub channel named 7th Rangers as it is my tribe name.

    If you would like your own sub channel, please let me know and I will create one for you, this way you can chat privately amongst your tribe when you need to, when not in General Lobby chat.

    There is also a channel for Trade/barter. Anyone wishing to trade may enter that channel and others can see you would like to trade and enter if they wish.
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    Would you mind if I posted a link to your channels on the Steam discussion page?


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    Yes indeed. Anything which may increase exposure, interest etc. in the game, is good for me as a player also.

    Note: Consider this carte blanche for anything of mine relating to your game for you to use as you see fit.
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    what region is the server in?

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    Hello, I've logged in a couple of times and not found anyone in the xsyon channel, is this still active?

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    It's about as active as it's always been. GIjoe logs in here and there and you might find a person on now in again throughout the week.

    You can also try (no pw) if you want to talk about Xsyon, but few of us play it anymore. You are welcome to ask questions all day long and we only log on to test a patch or see what some of the updates are, and refresh tribes. You can catch 2 or 3 of us in there pretty much anytime. (This is open to anyone that wants to use the server and has been running for 5+ years Xsyon has been going)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frela View Post
    Hello, I've logged in a couple of times and not found anyone in the xsyon channel, is this still active?
    Me, Dark and Tempest are active on that teamspeak server, yesterday i was logged in almost all the day (europe Time zone) are welcome to join us. Bye

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    After I got back from my extended holiday vacation, I could not log into the TS server.. I suppose they pulled permissions due to inactivity, apologies.

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    Just tried loggin on the ts3, is it up yet? cannot connect to. You are totaly right GIJoe saying voice comms will save our wrists haha, i hate typing wa want teamspeak!

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