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    Suggest a structure/building

    Greetings (again)

    I am making a video to showcase some of the structures/buildings in the game. If you have a suggested location I should video, please post it here. Thank you.

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    For old school building, there's the tree houses of Elite in the north and the Tower of Fear in the far south.

    Pawnee have done some nice stuff and Luta and company in VR have many strange and wonderful buildings.

    Of course personally I'm partial to some of the structures at Animal Crackers, such as Chicken Pizza.

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    Any chance I can get coordinates?

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    These are all big tribes.

    Elite is in 938 west of Founders Isle. I think Pawnee is in 936 (it's never quite where I think it is). VR is along the lake shore in 820 and stretches across the road in 821. Animal Crackers is about a click south of VR in 781:160,630.

    Tower of Fear is in the north central part of 659. You can see it from a long ways off.

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