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    Question from a Steam user/potential customer

    If anyone can answer this I will cross post the answer back to Steam, thank you.

    A Steam user asks-

    "Quick Question
    I know the game req's say this game needs a minimum of 4gb ram but, I was wondering if thats just an overshot estimate because its being updated fairly often or if the game system truly does need that amount? Its hard to find games I enjoy and I have run other large games on my 2gb desktop before, so just hoping i guess."

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    I doubt if you only have 2gb of ram you will have a good time in Xsyon. You could likely play on it, but likely not well at all. I've not seen a computer with less than 4gb of ram in 8+ years.

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    I'm in game and Xsyon is only using 1,182,624K of my 4Gb RAM, I am however on a 64 bit OS so I don't have the issue of windows trying to use the same RAM as the game.

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    Bejaymac the requirement is for the whole computer. Xsyon is only part of the ram needed. It also needs to have enough Xsyon and Windows itself. So sounds like 3gigs is about what is required for both (4 gigs if you use windows 64 bit).

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