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    Question Which server is more populated these days? Just returned after a loooooong break :)

    I led a tribe back in the day in very early prelude and haven't played in a really long time. I want to start fresh but I'd rather be on the server with more people (but I'd prefer PvP, although I have no idea the details of either ruleset for the game now). Also, my account has the status "Inactive Citizen", what does that mean precisely?

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    From my understanding the PVE server is.

    Concerning in active, I believe it is because Xyson cost a monthly subscription. You can play with it but are limited to level 30 in skills.

    (if this is incorrect, hopefully someone will correct me)
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    PVE is more populated.

    The ruleset is that PVE has all PVP deactive, so if you swing at someone it goes right through them.

    PVP ruleset is that, if they are not on their own tribal lands or Founders Isle, then any attacks that you swing at them with you will hit another player and do damage. Friendly or Enemy it doesn't matter. That is the only difference in the ruleset.

    Your inactive Citizen means, you bought the game so you can play for life and you will have all the rights of a paid subscriber but you will be capped to max of 30 in all skills. Also any totem you place, will start to decay if you do not log on.

    Welcome back!

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