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    12/03/2015 - Feedback Request Bug Fixing Update (Main Servers)

    This patch is now live on the Main Servers!

    Several bug fixes have been patched and I would like more information on other issues that I currently can't reproduce (and may be fixed). I'm trying to close out bug reports especially for issues related to recent optimizations.

    Edit: I've closed out all issues that I've received fix confirmations for. Most of these issues were rare and difficult to reproduce, so I'm not 100% sure they are all fixed. If any of these issues still exist or pop up again, please let me know and I will re-open the report.

    Please confirm fixes or provide additional feedback on the following issues if you can. Thanks!

    Needs Fix Confirmation

    - Materials missed while crafting (original report)
    I found and fixed a potential cause for this. The fix is currently through the Launcher only. If I can confirm the fix I will update the Steam build as well.

    Need More Information

    - Resolution problems during character creation (original report)
    I would still like screenshots of this problem showing the mouse when highlighting an offset button. I've tried all the reported resolutions on various systems and can't reproduce the problem.

    - Combat HP bars (original report)
    I still can't reproduce this one. Has this happened recently (within the past month)?


    - Input has been revised to use Win32 input instead of Raw Input. Although Raw Input was a preferable method, it prevented the use of the Steam Overlay functions (for Steam players only). This change should not affect anything but if you do notice any changes to keyboard input (chat, key binds, use of special keys) please report it.

    - Floor collision
    Players were falling through gaps between floors in specific situations, in particular with corner floor pieces. Revised collision has already been patched the Main Servers to prevent this. I'm looking for more confirmation on this from players that experienced this before (I've already had several players confirm this fixed).

    - Mason roofs
    I've patched revised mason roof meshes that should eliminate or reduce the flicker caused by overlapping mason roofs (4x4 and 8x8).

    - Boulder system optimized
    This should have no visible change. If you notice anything strange with boulders (incorrect textures, boulders not appearing that should), please let me know.

    Fixed and Closed

    - Pioneer Sheet Roof (original report)
    This mesh has been revised so that the posts align properly with base posts. This fixed has been patched directly to the Main Servers.

    - Dropping containers on boulders (original report)
    You should now be able to properly drop containers on top of boulders.

    - Stuck on trusses (original report)
    Collision has been adjusted to allow players to step up in situations like the one in this report and others.

    - Containers stuck open (original report)
    Containers should never get stuck open. The fix for this is already on the Main Servers. I just need confirmation that this has not happened recently (since the last public patch).

    - Objects not loading crossing zones (original report)
    The new loading system should prevent this issue. As the fix is already on the Main Servers I just need confirmation that this has not happened since the last public patch.

    - Lag spikes while hunting (original report)
    Do any of you still get big ping spikes when near aggressive creatures (bears, coyotes)? Or does ping look normal (with just minor fluctuations) while hunting now?

    - Incorrect textures on objects or boulders (original report)
    Have you seen incorrect textures on objects or boulders since the last patch? The changes to loading and object data arrays most likely have fixed this random issue.
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    I have still been having the issue with things not loading when crossing zones. The most recent one I remembered to capture a screen shot before and after a relog. It's not always the same zone and has been happening consistently when I travel around the lake. This one was a shot when running to VR, found it the best place to take the screenshot as you can see the zone that's loaded and not loaded in the same shot. I know VR is a special case as the tribe crosses multiple zones, but this does happen elsewhere. Other zones I know I've had issues with the past week or so....822, 1019 and one other on the east side of the lake, 817 maybe.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    When you cross zones and objects don't load:
    - Is it just some objects, like in the screenshot? Or is it all objects in a zone?
    - Are trees and rocks missing or just objects?
    - Are you still connected when this happens? (Can you move items in your inventory for example?)
    - At this point do you just re-log?


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    That screenshot was taken with me on one zone line and able to see another, so you're just seeing the very corner of the zone that isn't loaded. No objects in the affected zone (821 in this particular case) loaded. When it happens, no objects except animals (usually) load. I get no trees, no rocks, no revs, no structures, no bundles or logs or the like on the ground and land is usually all as original (no terra'd areas), tho I will sometimes see paving I think for some reason.
    Usually yes, at that point I just relog. I am still connected as far as I know, I continue to see chat and can talk to people. I'm always worried I'll get stuck somewhere when there's no landmarks to know where I'm at....inside a tribe and unable to get out or run into a rev and not be able to defend against what I can't see, etc. It is happening every time I log in and play ....if I leave my tribe area, at some point I'll hit a zone that doesn't load, so I will try opening my bags, moving inventory, maybe I'll drag a cart and see what happens to it if I unequip it. I don't generally travel too far into the zone when it happens either ...the whole getting stuck thing... So not even sure if it's the whole zone, or just part of it that doesn't load, maybe I'll bring an escort next time and try to test some of that out. Now that I think about it, one time I was hunting with another player when it happened and pretty sure they could still see me, and the zone was normal for them.

    I've been traveling the map a lot lately, so maybe I'm just noticing it more because of that, not sure. I'll test some of these things out and post back.

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    I know this post is about a month old but me and my two hunting buddies keep getting massive lag when crossing pioneer, twin peaks and I think its meyers. If you at Wolf Havens east gate and go S on right hand side of river you'll get to a white stone road that follows the river south. on that road there is 3 different zones that connect and there is huge lag there. It's not our computers as I have a very good computer and one of my friends is even better and custom built. my internet has 55mbps so don't think its that either and its only that one spot i ever get lag.

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