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Thread: Thank you Xsyon

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    Thank you Xsyon

    I am really excited by this change. Thank you, Xsyon for listening to your players and to what others think. I think you are a wonderful exception to so many other game developers out there. You are truly involved not only in the development of the game but with ALL the players’ questions and needs as well. You and your team of Guides make a huge difference to the customer service that we get when compared to other games. Now everyone will get a chance to see this!!! To all the new players reading this, come on in and join our amazing community!

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    Yes its all well and good but.......

    How is Jordi now to going to fund the game and keep it going ?


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    I think it's a good way to generate some new players and hopefully get some old players to return as well.

    I, for one, would like to still be able to support Xsyon, the game and it's development, so would suggest possibly putting up a way for us to donate if we wish.

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    I think he will get a lot of people buying the game. He will be making more than relying on the subs. Also I agree with Casondrah, I would be more than willing to donate.

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    How does this affect Totems ? Do I need to log in monthly to refresh it ?

    Id still like to see the sub as an optional, that players can continue to pay if they wish,
    so that they can still benefit from a Zero day totem.

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    Jordi will explain a little more in detail later. But you will need to log in to keep the totems active.

    Right now, if you log in, your character is active for a month from the login date. And being 'active' is the same as being 'paid' before.

    Some tweaks will most likely be made and Jordi will explain more later. He currently working on issues with the War Server.

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