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    Question Best Crafting Stats

    I deleted my character of many years and decided to recreate him to be an ultimate crafter. That said, can anyone recommend beginning stats for the ultimate crafter?

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    Ok, so I decided to go with this setup:
    STR: 50
    FOR: 90
    AGI: 10
    DEX: 90
    INT: 90
    SPI: 10
    PER: 80
    CHA: 80

    We'll see how this works for a crafter.

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    It would kind of matter which particular crafts you're looking to do as there are many to choose from and they require different stats especially if you want to make supreme quality when you reach that point. It helps to read over the stats page on the wiki to find out which crafts you're wanting to do most and use that as a starting point.

    Wiki - Stats

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    It depends on the crafts you want to do, if you want to do them all, then it doesnt matter what the starting stats on per craft. You will want 90 FORT, 90 STR, and 90 AGI, for ease of play, until you can get all but 1 stat up. Which would be INT because it's next to worthless for all crafts that matter.

    DEX is hands down the easiest stat the raise.

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