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    Returning Player

    Hi, bought this game yrs ago, gonna try it again now that it's B2P. I heard that I can request a Steam Key since I have already bought this game, anyone can tell me how/where to request the Steam Key?

    Thank You in advance

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    Yes, simply send a request by email

    Welcome back!

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    Maybe I need one myself, Sending email in 5, 4, 3, 2, go
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    welcome back mcsleaz I've seen you in game already! can't wait to get to know more about you cause I'm sure I'm going to get bored and... Sit around you eventually cause that's what I do. Lol don't forget! Quests! I will do quests especially for basic fishes and foods lol. If you need a lot of some starter stuff... I'll do quests for that too ill take money or you can player trade items for it idc lol. I just like doing things for people. Lol.... Yeah quests. Set them up cause eventually I'll wander by and do them or even ... Better yet... Tell me! Lol I'll generally complete 5-10 quests around the xsyon world a day. Lol I walk a lot. Active adventurer lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon View Post
    Yes, simply send a request by email

    Welcome back!
    Just shot you an email myself, looking forward to coming back and seeing all the changes.

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    umm send a steam key request to which of the dozens of xsyon emails I have had in the years this game? helping with alpha, beta, etc, private emails of GM's and the founder

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    Try (was in the link above).

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