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    LFT: returning after 5 years

    Hello, are there are tribes that use voip that would like to take on a returning player?

    About me:

    Who I am (virtually, anyways):
    I am an ex-hardcore embracing casualty, attempting to anyways. I've previously been in leadership, written extensive guides blah blah blah
    I am very social. I have a people type career ahead of me after college so I just love people, listening to them and talking to them etc etc. I do know the value of give and take and have no need to dominate conversations but wont hide in the corner shyly either.
    I am married, happily. Just want to point that out. My hubby's a gamer but not into this type of game so I doubt he'll play. He's more of a MOBA type.
    I am fun. I have been told I have a flirty personality. I have a good sense of humor in that I laugh at jokes but unfortunately am not good at making them. I have a happy bubbly personality that always sees the positive in things. My aura tends to increase the joy of those around me generally.
    I am balanced. There is a time to take things seriously, like cut-throat pvp etc where your actions immediately affect the valuable time of your guildies. Then there is a time to goof off and go exploring or just chill etc.
    I am open-minded. I like diversity. I respect differentiating opinions. I know when to calm down debates if they end up in voip eg. politic religion ethics etc.

    What I am looking for:
    A well-rounded tribe. I appreciate both the hardcore and the casual/social gamer. Hardcores are great for their tips and getting things done in game progression, whereas casuals are nice to goof off with and chill.
    VOIP. I can play without it, but some things seem to make it essential. Complicated strategic endeavors are done much more efficiently when communication is enhanced by voice rather than burning time by having to type.
    Diversity. To an extent in that I do prefer 16+ guilds. I would love to have a balance when it comes to male/female ratio. I do not want to be the only female at all, that's annoying. I like balance when it comes to the young and the old as well. There is value in age in that sometimes it has wisdom & maturity, where there is also value in youth in that it sometimes has spontaneity & playfulness. Obviously populations fluctuate so there is no real concrete prediction of this.

    What I offer:
    Loyalty. First and foremost. I want to commit to one tribe during my whole time here ideally. I've stayed with guild/clan/tribes before during ups and downs of population fluxes
    Bubbles. Lol well some people like my personality, obviously I won't float everyones boat.
    Adaptability. I roll with the punches. I can live through bad updates/patches/glitches etc. I can deal with conflict and become more agreeable based on what is needed at the time.
    Presence. I can play everyday for at least an hour up to....well lets not go there lol.

    I am also an open-book if I left anything out that you are curious to know and it's applicable feel free to ask
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    Would you marry me? XD.....

    Take a look here:

    I'm not an English guy so it's really hard to me to speak with all of you guys, but for sure I'll try.
    I don't know if the voice server is still active...but we can discover it togethere in the next days. Cheers

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