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    Returning Chic

    from nearly 5 years ago.

    Hello all,

    I'm a USA college student in my 20s. I prefer scifi, steampunk, postapocalyptic, and some fantasy themery. I enjoy deck/card games, tabletop games, board games, and the occasional retro games. I game primarily on PC, but also have xbox360, ps3, & a wii. I've been in guilds before, but tend to get overdedicated (logged 83 hours in one week of raptr once O.o) and pushed into leadership so may try to fly solo this time around, we shall see.

    My PC significant experience includes: SWG, City of Steam, Neverwinter, Eclipse War Online, There, W101, TSO, FusionFall, Otherland, Devilian, Savage Lands. Casual includes: MtgDop, DDO, SWTOR, STO, SMITE, Tera, Aurora World, Fallen Earth, WWII Battleground Europe, Black Gold Online, Dragon's Prophet, FoM, Xyson, WoW, Aura Kingdom, Champions Online, Star Wars Clone Wars. Wanted to play but never got around to it and never will: APB, Aion, Wildstar, Hand of Fate, The Repopulation. Looking forward to: Deus Ex Universe and Life of Rome!!! So excited that it didn't die with Gamingo.

    It's nice to meet you Xsyon Community, I know I have limited sandbox experience but something about this game is appealing, so hope to see you in game
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    Welcome back Frela!

    There's been a lot of changes since you last played that I'm sure you will enjoy. If you need any help, feel free to ask in Global chat, everyone is helpful.

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    Welcome back...glad to see that many players are coming back.
    I'm a new player of Xsyon, just bought during this xmas sales....however i have some experience with MMO crafting/sandbox games, specially with Haven&Hearth and Salem....two masterpiece for the features that they have, but old style and isometric i'm enjoying a lot Xsyon. Hope to see you in game. Cheers

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