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Thread: Turtles of Fury

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    Turtles of Fury

    Turtles of Fury is a tribe newly started, here will be the new signature.

    If anyone is interested PM me. Other wise, you may hire us for odd jobs when full game releases, or in beta for that matter.

    We do, construction, supply gathering, assassinations, terraforming, and other things. WE will become specialized when full game releases.

    Thanks a ton guys, and heres the sig. [img][/img]

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    Re:Turtle of Fury

    Dude, lol, your sig.. I giggled, so bad

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    Re:Turtle of Fury


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    Re:Turtle of Fury

    Love the wehrmacht turtle, ahahah

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    Re:Turtle of Fury

    awsome sig... wonder who did that?...

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    Re:Turtle of Fury

    Rofl that shits huge.

    (Insert that's what she said here)

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    Re:Turtle of Fury

    Turned out nicely

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    Re:Turtle of Fury


    [b]Iron Maiden wrote:[/b]
    [quote]Rofl that shits huge.

    (Insert that's what she said here)[/quote]

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    Re:Turtle of Fury

    BAC you guys are welcome to ally up with us when the game comes out

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    Re:Turtle of Fury


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