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Thread: Turtles of Fury

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    Re:Turtle of Fury

    [b]THE STEVE wrote:[/b]
    doin it rong

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    Is that turtle fireball spamming?

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    [b]Spitfire5 wrote:[/b]
    [quote]Is that turtle fireball spamming?[/quote]
    ya hes in the middle of an r50 cycle

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    Re:Turtle of Fury

    [b]Gunz wrote:[/b]
    [quote]BAC you guys are welcome to ally up with us when the game comes out [/quote]


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    Re:Turtle of Fury


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    Re:Turtles of Fury

    I support this thread.

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    Re:Turtles of Fury

    hmm maybe the turtles can be friendly with the Shrimp.

    Just don't go eating our crawfish buddies and we'll be ok.....

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    Re:Turtles of Fury

    ahahahaa, well, we certainly welcome friends. Don't wanna be a zerg or a nutcup though, we need someone to kill (or attempt to kill..)

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