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    01/10/2016 - Feedback Request Return To One Server

    Hello Everyone,

    A return to one server having a PvE / PvP switch has been requested. I would like your feedback on this.

    I will consider this but it will require several conditions:

    1) Closing the current War server will mean all tribes, towns and inventories will be lost. I could possibly copy character information (appearance, stats, skills and schemes) for players that request it but this could be a time consuming procedure.

    2) I would not implement PvP and PvE zones, because that would require setting some zones to PvP that currently contain PvE player tribes.

    3) PvP would be a choice or switch. I would have to think of the best and fair method to implement this and am open to suggestions.

    4) PvP players would not have any advantage over PvE players. There would not be a possibility of PvP controlled resources or areas that would give PvPers an advantage. To implement something like that I would need to start up a separate PvP server again.

    5) If siege and the ability to destroy buildings and ransack tribes is implemented in the future it would apply only to consensual tribes that agree to be PvP tribes subject to attack or as above it would require starting up a second server.

    6) At this point, PvP would be consensual only and simply add risk, danger and excitement for those that want to participate in PvP.

    7) Because of all this I would require a great majority of players to agree to this change. I would contact all players with characters still on the PvP server via email before making this change. For now I would like to hear feedback from players currently playing on both servers.

    Note: I have a lot on my plate right now. Merging the server will definitely not happen until all the planned creature updates are complete.


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    Of course a big fat yes from me.

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    It's a decent proposal. I do enjoy my toons and tribes on the PVP server though. I could be swayed either way.
    “Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”

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    I've been playing since 2012 in Steelgard pvp is now my character ... and destroy all my work and that of others to create a shit pvp server option whether or not when I want ... is one Autentika shit .. close pvE server if it disappears the real pvp and many more ...... leave the safe game will be a shame but a true sandbox converted in the sims .... thanks

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    Currently I'm playing on the PvE server, however i'm agree with atmospharos....mixing PvE with PvP players is not a good idea at all, the game itself would lose its credibility.
    A solution could be adding a feature that allow to duels, where both players must be agree, on the PvE this way PvPers could join the PvE server and keep fighting.
    On the other hand PvP server must be PvP only and everywhere as it is...and in future, siege and the ability to destory buildings and ransack tribes.

    Not agree with PvP+PvE on the same server.

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    No, having deleted both my toon and tribe on PVE server to ONLY be on the PVP server. I surely would not want this at all. I removed my tribe on the PVE server for a reason.

    Having a dysfunctional PVE/PVP server would do nothing in my eyes. Unless there are AREAS as stated before that have conflict (control objectives) that anyone in that area is open game for PVP. Not a switch /PVP on/off. That is the silly thing for PVP and all PVPers know this. What you really mean is duels because that's all it's really going to be used for.

    As requested before make areas of PVP that have conflict control points that have a reward of some type for controlling them. I'm sure you can open up a few (10 or so) zones for this that no one lives at that would not be a problem.

    PVP is dead because just like this post you want to crush PVP in the game. You have done NOTHING to support any type of PVP in the game only done things that hurt it. Now you want to make it so there is no PVP other than duels.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    Theres a great blog article from Raph Koster (UO/SWG/Crowfall) in regards to "switch" PvP or PvP flagging:

    A PvP "switch" is a good idea in my opinion and would be the one I vote for. This would allow the PvE'rs (majority) to continue playing as they already are and allow the PvP'rs (minority) to still exist/run events etc..and allow more players to occasionally participate (PvE'rs). I would assume this would also be the easiest route for Jordi to take development wise.

    Creating PvP zones isn't a bad idea but again i would assume (im not a coder/programmer) implementation of a system like this would take much more effort adding objectives, timers, and whatnot. That doesn't mean it shouldn't be done, this could still be implemented even WITH a PvP Switch/TEF system. The two can coexist.

    In regards to removing the PvP server...ugh thats tough. You've got some really dedicated people on that server and all those hours of hard work wiped would probably put the final nail in the coffin for them. While i understand its a low pop server, id keep it open until prelude is over.

    I've written and deleted a reply to this thread about 4 times now. This isn't an easy topic. After much consideration to try to appease all three sides in this (PvE, PvP, Jordi/Future of Xsyon) i've come to the following conclusion: Jordi, don't waste your time on this right now.

    Focus on implementing what you have planned, revamp combat and factions, and put this idea towards the end of Prelude development. Then Lets get out of Prelude, merge to a new Xsyon: Apocalypse server and toss the two current servers.

    This is all my opinion, take it as you will. I dont want to sound bias towards PvE as i do enjoy PvP in a lot of games, I am just not a fan of OWPVP FFA rulesets and according to Jordi's statistics, i'm not alone in that mindset. I say we continue to discuss this topic through Preludes development and try to come to a decision prior to Apocalypse release that all sides can agree on.

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    Closing War and adding a "PVP switch" wont change anything.

    Most of us on Peace are there for the PVE, crafting and building, the only combat most of us want is hunting and killing Rev's, so for most of us the "switch" would be on PVE all the time.

    New players/tribes might dabble in PVP until they come across the diehards and get ROFL-stomped, which is the problem most games with PVP and PVE find after a few years, the "uber elite" PVP'ers either bully or scare off the player base, Xsyon barely survived the first time, you wont a second.

    I've been playing on the War server for several months now, and on what was posted in point 1 I can't see any way of saving my main or any of the QL 100+ gear I've aquired, and TBH I don't want to lose the character.

    So for me it's leave things as they are.
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    I think PVP server and PVE server should be left as is, at least for now. I think master weapons, combat and ranged weapons should be the focus. Without these things fixed does PVP really matter right now?

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    My vote is: Keep working on the In Development List. If a PvP switch can be fairly simply added to PvE server, fine the more options we have the merrier. But, a switch wont appease the 20 percenters nor should you, IMO, take the time to do so at this stage of the game.

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