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    Quote Originally Posted by Ooloo View Post
    by just keeping the area open to all but the area is small then a little guy could sneak in and get some stuff now and then.

    dont get me wrong cause i like the defend stuff pvp...but all other games ive played its the same guild or people who allways win and to the rest you show them the road...I can count on one hand the amount of active or semi active players who could always win and i bet they always will if this is implemented this way.
    While i can see were the concern is, i disagree that its a problem. Active players/tribes should be rewarded over semi to non active players.

    A counter argument is we can already today monopolize resources though totems and denial of access.

    if a 80 member tribe decided to setup on a scrap pile you can't pull resources or cut down trees, plain and simple.

    Personally, i do not have a problem with that. But I think is see some potential for what Ooloo is concerned with, i'd be in your shoes.

    The solution to this is:

    -Make whatever bonuses apply to a zone apply to everyone while its in conflict. Then while the defenders and attackers are busy with each other. Every other player that has no interest in capturing the zone can rush in and pick and harvest till the zone is no longer contested(or until what ever upkeep is paid runs out). This would add another element that would require the defenders to choose between defending the capture points or denial of access.

    Then people even people that have no intention of capturing the zone still have something to win by attending and generally causing havoc. Yes you would get squatters that camp out on the edge of the zone, but i imagine that the neighboring zones would be medium danger. Implying that pvp would be active in those all the time.
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    one thing that I see a lot of people looking at is the ability to change the zone from open pvp to safe... this is the war server for a reason. Something that hasn't been voiced is keeping the control totems available for destruction at any time. to that point though the destruction of a totem should take an extended amount of time or be under "duress" for a period of 24 hours. If you made it were it took an hour to create the control totem and then another 24 hours to be able to build or terraform the area. and only having 1 totem in que to be built at a time and only receiving the control of an area upon having 4 control totem up. It would open for a very entertaining objective. The lower danger areas wouldn't be messed with as often and the more prized areas would be a warzone of chaos. as for the minimum area a control point has I think 100m would be ok, 50 is just a bit too small and really too easy to get into no matter how its built. A high resource cost for upkeep is a must as well and should scale as the totems increase, also to that point I don't think there should be a capped number of totems as long as you could afford it I think any tribe should be able to set as many as they like this makes for a good defensive strategy as well as a good "gold dump".
    I could care less the tribe size minimum, if you want to be an army of one you better be a bad a**.

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    I can get down with that whiteskies, also removing the setting of 5 tribe min also cuts out some exploits with totems and safeties.

    I also like the idea of having the "control" totems open for attack 24/7.

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    I also like the 24/7 attackable idea, that means that tribes that can really keep the zone in control would need to be either really organized or just remain localized to a zone in order to protect it.
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    Has anyone looked at BlackDesertOnline? they have a Open world PvP system and also GvG(Tribe V Tribe) system as well.

    The only end game goal is to control zones and trade routes and to set taxes.

    That could be one incentive on war is to be able to flip a zone to what ever and to set a tax for the person controlling the zone off of any upkeep that isn't controlled by that tribe.

    Anyway there is a post that has some of the bounty and karma system that game has. Most of it can't apply here but its still worth a read:

    One idea would be to allow controlling tribes to force any totem placed in the zone a upkeep cost that can be pulled out as money or what ever. If the upkeep isn't paid the totem is blocked from any bonuses. If tied to danger level you could even say that in higher zones the totem is outright removed.

    If i can control the zones PvP/PvE rules and set a tax on all of the tribes in the area that gives you a reason to want to control an area. If you can tax trade and upkeep that would give players reasons to want leadership to change
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    I do like the taxing idea as well though im not to keen on the idea of it actually being able to remove a totem.. maybe lock it down so you cant add any new tribe members as well as giving no bonuses. I could see it going as far as once you have not paid your upkeep or taxes for a certain amount of time even reducing your resources gathering in half and we all know this can kill a tribe. removal is just a bit drastic and the penalties above last just a bit longer in the suffering department

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    on a side note as I play both servers is this going to be a war server only thing? the reason I ask is you state that there will be possible items to be obtained from scavenging as what not that wouldn't normally be available so how would one gain these items on peace? or do they just miss out?

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    From what he has said is that none of this would affect the PEACE server.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    I ended up buying Black Desert Online, I'll report back what ever is relevant.

    theres is another hardcore mmo with death and pvp called "Chronicles of Elyria"? Its like xsyon with open world pvp and looting and even goes a step further in that players have a limited amount of life on a character and death shortens that life, ie you come back from the death a limited number of times. Not only that but you grow old and die, lives are about 1 year of real time at 30-40$ a life.

    One key thing to mention from that game is the Faq literally tells you there is NO ENDGAME:

    Q. What does end-game content look like?
    There isn't any. No, seriously. This game is about being a part of an epic, ongoing story-line. Fill your characters' days adventuring, siegeing, farming, running a town, county, or kingdom. Spend time increasing your family's holdings and building your Noble House. And then, in your characters' final days, let them sleep the final sleep, while your soul grows young again and re-born into another character to make their own mark.

    Q. Is there raiding?
    No.. and yes. There are no static raid dungeons. However, world events will frequently cause big, bad, nasties that need to be dealt with to roam free or take shelter in an abandoned ruin.. Also, as players amass a large amount of wealth and hide it in their castles other, less savoury players may choose to break in and steal it. Finally, kingdoms will often go to war and siege each others' castles. All of these can and will require a varying number of players to be successful.
    My points are more along the lines of: Look at other games that are successful that have similar mechanics which could easily be incorporated into xsyon. There are alot of successful "hardcore" mmos that make xsyon look pretty boring when talking about our pvp.
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    great ideas

    plus i think pvp combat will become more attractive when ranged and (possibly mounted?) combat are introduced to the game. i was watching some old darkfall videos the other day, and just wish xsyon had similar combat (minus the magic, perhaps).

    being able to go 1st person and launch arrows across the sky was fun. im trying to think about what darkfall did to make PvP fun, and it was mostly the combat system and large scale of the battles. it wasn't so much that conquering cities and objectives gave bonuses, i think it was just a self fulfilling prophecy.

    aka... a fun combat system + lots of grouped players + lots of alliances = big wars. and big wars are fun... especially when you have much to lose (aka full looting a shadowbear set with max quality ingredients that probably took dozens of hours to gather the materials for)

    when you have something to lose, it makes the combat more filled with adrenaline, and adrenaline typically increases the fun.

    anyway, as long as the combat is fun (and i think the melee is pretty decent already), all we need are pvp hotspots and a bigger population of players, and the game will become very fun for us who do enjoy doing more than simply building and crafting (i for one have had many fun PvP encounters with MrDDT and Industrial Strength)

    also, i think tribes engaging in the zone control should be forced to remove their safe zone so long as they are engaged in zone control. after they stop contesting a zone, they can have their safe zone back.


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