1) About Bonuses for holding a controlltotem:
a.)Fight is in each week on the middle of the week and on Saturday for 2 hours
b.)Controltotem must be maintaince with products from agriculture(potatoes or other) or Animal things
c.)Each controlpoints generated daily things what all the tribes needed most and rare resources: example daily 100 dollar...100 rare resources...and 100 nails..and 10 Human bones? (other pieces or daily higher amount additonal,or additional we can put self a wanted daily award!)
d).if a attacking tribe wins the fight on WEDNESDAY or SADURDAY they can loot/remove the amount of daily generated thing and then they can put the BUTTON DESTROY and set her own controltotem(if the have one free) or the put the BUTTON CHANGE THE OWNER! If you have your controltotems at your limit you can with capture a other controltotem improve your amount of controltotem
e.)the owner of the controlpoint can put out the daily rewards if the fight/OPEN TIME ends on WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY and
we have also a thing where we can build for EVENTS
2) Control totems. I think this one could be tied to claim size. A homestead would have to place one control totem; a band would have to place two; a clan three; and a tribe 4.

3) Claim size. I think 50 x 50 should be minimum claim size especially if you can only hold one territory at a time.

4) Control totems -open. 2 hour in the middle if the week and 2 hour on Saturday
5) Control totem -open time. TWO hour sounds appropriate possibly more.

6) All totems open or alternating. I'd say all open at the same time. From #1 above, a homestead defending a claim would place one totem and defend only that one --possibly against a much larger force. A tribe, with quite a few more members, would have to place 4 totems and defend 4. If this type of totem calculation is used the number of totems needed to claim a territory could be determined instead by the number of active players at the time of claim totem placement --to serve as a slight equalizing factor when a small group is facing a much larger group.