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    New Tribal Idea Discussion/Dialogue

    Hail everyone,
    I'm a fairly new player to this fantastic Post apocalyptic MMO. After some consideration I hoped to start bouncing ideas of people regarding Xsyon tribes. Currently I'm a declared Classical Civ Major with a Minor in History. I was hoping to have a discussion with veteran players on the Potential Roleplaing/Lore opportunities that an Ancient Mycenaean/Classical Greek tribe could hold. I'm the biggest Lore geek that I know...and I believe the unique story that this game possess could really bolster similar Greco-Roman cultural values within the Tribe system. Thoughts?

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    Hi Diomedes,

    As far as any RP in Xsyon goes it is wide open to define just about any way you choose but the onus of getting an RP group up and running would rest completely on your shoulders as I'm only familiar with one other player who was looking for an RP based tribe to date. Game progression, ultimately based on content, is slow as the game continues to develop in prelude. But, there is plenty to keep you busy for a good while.

    Abernack -in game, or Corbies here on the forums, is the only player that I recall who was trying to form an RP group and I believe he ended up joining Oasis Tribe (Zone 738-39). A Better Tomorrow (Zone 700), whose tribe leader is Whorlock, is probably the tribe most into the game lore. They have hosted a Paiute Indian -vs- US Calvary 'war' and seem to have a good knowledge of the Lake Tahoe area's cultural history. I'm not an RP'er myself but share a love of the Greeks(and ancient philosophy).

    Best o' luck to you on your odyssey to bring a Greek tribe to life in Xsyon!

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    Many thanks friend!
    I find it interesting that they took the time to immerse themselves in the history/Lore of the Lake Tahoe Region. Obviously those cultural groups fit a bit more soundly than Greeks....However its seems that within the Xsyon lore ancient primordial Gods have risen to retake their rightful places among nature worshiping humans...I find this extremely interesting and hope to find a way to create a believable background for this Ancient resurgence of Hellenistic Worshipers

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    [QUOTE=_Diomedes_;103800]Many thanks friend!
    I find it interesting that they took the time to immerse themselves in the history/Lore of the Lake Tahoe Region. Obviously those cultural groups fit a bit more soundly than Greeks....[/QUOTE]

    You also have to take into account that as a post apocalyptic civilization we lost everything including our own history, leaving us in a primitive state with little or no knowledge of our past culture. If someone where to find for instance remnants of a book on ancient Greece, they might assume it's their own history. So any ancient culture or belief is feasible when you have none

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    For this reason alone I love Post apocalyptic scenarios. Whatever context that I Roleplay in I attempt to immerse my character in whatever current situation they are facing. Obviously with the huge loss of recorded knowledge a tribal could never truly RP as if they knew everything pertaining to the past. I was hoping to use the current lore to explain in part how tribal of this current era could have some prophetic dreams regarding Elder Gods/Gods of old. I also enjoy your idea regarding the books....textual evidence could also be an interesting thing to play with.

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    One thing to keep in mind is the game is set in the lake tahoe area.

    there's alot of information on Wikipedia on the tribes that lived/live in the area, alot of the names of the items and patters on the basket come from those tribes.


    There is a town to the North of the lake called there would exist a town called Truckee named after Paiute chef, around zone 1178 i think.

    I think when you loose your identity but not your skills you still make items that your former life made.

    If anyone has seen Cabin in the woods?, the end of that movie could actually be the beginning of this game.
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    Thanks for the incite!

    I do think that in order to create the most lore friendly RP tribe one must dabble in paleo-Indian cultures a bit. Having aspects of many cultures in a tribe is something that really interests me. Similar to how the fallout franchise has created the various tribal cultures in the wasteland, I hope to create something of that caliber.

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    I went off on my own to study up on the lore i could find based on the area, This might be of some interest to you, at least to get you started.


    i also found a short story about world creation from another tribe that was in the region.

    The Earthdiver

    In the beginning, Prairie Falcon and Crow were sitting on a log which projected above the waters that covered the world. They asked Duck what number he dreamed of, and Duck replied, "Two." Prairie Falcon assigned him the number three and told him to dive into the water and bring up some sand from the bottom. Duck dived to get the sand, but before he reached the bottom, the three days he had been alloted expired. He awoke from his dream, died, and floated to the surface. Prairie Falcon brought him back to life however, and asked him what the trouble was. Duck said that he had come out of his dream, died, and then floated to the top.

    Prairie Falcon now asked Coot what number he had dreamed of. Coot replied, "Four." Then Prairie Falcon assigned him the number two and ordered him to dive for sand. Before Coot reached the bottom, two days elapsed, and he came out of his dream. He too died, and his body floated to the surface of the waters. Prairie Falcon saw the corpse, recovered it, and brought Coot back to life. He asked Coot what had been the trouble, and Coot replied that he had passed out of his dream.

    Then Prairie Falcon asked Grebe what number he had dreamed of. Grebe replied that he had dreamed of five. Prairie Falcon assigned him the number four, and told him that was the number of days he had to bring sand from the bottom of the waters. Grebe was successful. he dived all the way to the bottom of the waters and secured some sand in each hand. As he was returning to the surface, he passed out of his dream, died and floated to the surface. Prairie Falcon brought him back to life and asked if he had secured any sand. Grebe said that he had, so Prairie Falcon wanted to know what he had done with it. Grebe explained that it had all slipped from his grasp when he died. Prairie Falcon and Crow both laughed at him and said that they didn't believe him. Then they looked at his hands and found sand under the fingernails. They took that sand and threw it in every direction. This is the way in which they made the world.
    From [url][/url]

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    Thanks man! I appreciate the compiled information. I've been doing a lot of Lore writing to try and work this whole thing out in my head. So far I'm trying to establish a plausible reason for the tribe to have some Greek cultural values while still being mostly tribal. Ancient Mycenaean's (Early Greeks/Achaean's) talked about in Homers Iliad and Virgil's Aeneid are much more plausible than later classical Greeks. Classical Greeks are far to advanced culturally, economically and politically for it to correctly fit in the games established Lore. However the early Mycenaean Greeks were only just discovering metallurgy much like the Tribes of Xsyon....these proto-greeks still used flint spears and arrows often. They also were much closer to earlier neolithic/paleolithic Religious values.

    I really only wish to combine some aspects of early Greek tribal culture with Xsyon's other tribal identity's. I want much of the pre-war past to be hidden from the tribe, as it should be with all these Lore friendly Tribes. Hopefully I can make it a bit more holistic than just finding a plain text regarding to Greek culture....I've still gotta work that part out in my head.

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