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    Hello All. Looking for a new sandbox MMO to play

    Hello all my name is Rocktato (but everyone calls me rock)
    I have played a plethora of MMO's ranging from UO to Mortal Online.
    Looking for a group of likeminded individuals to go out and have fun with.
    i do like pvp but i dont know the server numbers for the War and Peace Servers
    so if your looking for a mature individual who is knowledgeable about sandbox mmo's im your guy


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    Hi. Welcome to xsyon! If you find yourself on pve and would like to be part of one of the largest and oldest tribes on the server your more then welcome to Join pawnee. Lots of expert help and room to build and grow as you like. you can contact Laughingoak, Taiven or keleris. If you choose to go solo or with another tribe You can still contact us at any time for help or questions.

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    Hello Rock, I play as TokTok on both the PvP and PvE server, iv'e been working on my PvP tribe for the last month since there is talk about changing the rules on that server.

    Both servers are active, PvE is going to be more active with more "living to build" types, where on the PvP server you have more "building to live" type players. Apart from that one is more dangers the other has more lag. Otherwise they are virtually the same.
    TokTok - Axe Welding Basket Weaver

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    Hey rock,
    Haven't seen you on in a while and was wondering how your exploration is going.

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