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    This system is better hands down. My cash total looks spot on from adding all the random bins up. Please let us know if you decide not to use this method as I'll trade/ launder my cash to get my name on it if needs be although that would be a pain.

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    Thanks. The current system is what I'll end up using unless problems are reported.

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    Just logged onto test server and my cash amount is bang on.

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    I have 6225 cash, but it is showing 0 cash, no matter what bin, basket, or pouch I put it in.

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    Hello Mithrilas,

    Was your 6225 cash in one container or several containers? Are you the owner of all the containers, or are the containers owned by another player or players?

    Note: Moving cash around won't update or change anything on the Test Server. The cash was calculated by a script that runs once. It's best to leave any cash that you think should be assigned to you but isn't in its original container in case I need to check it.


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    I'm at a frustration level with the upgrades of this game, so many time you swear and promise us to get ranged combat and animals set right for pathing, yet you come up with these crazy ideas no one has asked for nor wants, why cant you just give us what you have promised for years now, why cant we have better cooking and farming and the rest of the things your ppl who pay you for the game wants, you claim its player driven that is BS SIR, you always have an excuse, stop with them and start focusing on your PROMISES, until then I quit

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    It would seem to me that it would be beneficial to the game to have a "suggested retail worth" for items. This would let someone know how much one dollar is worth in the game. If someone is charging one dollar for a chisel lets say and another person is charging 200 dollars for a like chisel, then this is very confusing for purchasers. Same goes for blueprints, nails or any other item. This would not stop someone from charging 100 thousand dollars for a blueprint, but would instead let people know how much items are worth and let people know how much their dollars are actually worth.

    Having a pickpocketing skill would discourage people from coming into physical contact with other people and would further degrade the sense of community that Xsyon currently has. People can pickpocket you in real life of course, but it is near impossible without being caught, and there are actually police who can apprehend the pickpockets. Since there are no police in Xsyon, people will avoid contact with anyone they do not know, for fear of being pickpocketed for all of their cash. I don't think creating more "loners" is what was originally intended for Xsyon, and this so called pickpocketing skill will surely send Xsyon down that road. Making friends will be near impossible, since you would then not know if your new friend is acutally a good pickpocket. Please do not implement this feature.

    Whether you have your own bank as having a container with your cash, or whether all of it is in a personal account, or whether all the cash is actually on your person, well, I don't have any opinion. Any of these methods are fine by me.


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    I like the idea of the cash system. It will help trade a lot.
    Pickpocking to me seems like a really bad idea, because unless you can remove some of the money off your person it seems like really anti social.
    I disagree with Oldtimer on the suggested retail worth. Let players set the value, people will see someone charging 100$ for an item and others charging for 1$ and let the market set it straight. There has to be reasons for the 100$ one else people would never buy it. It's easy to see the value of items, simply goto a trade totem (where most items should be bought anyways) and you can see the values of items from all over the world right there. Who's suggestion are you going to use anyways? Does someone need to go through and figure out the value of each item and on top of that you have curves for value at higher end quality. How are you going to figure that out? Because a 100QL item could be worth 1000x more than a 80QL one. I say just let the market figure it out for you on this one. If people price too high, then people won't buy it. If it's too low, then people will buy it out. It's the great thing about trade.
    Now on a dev side of that, if items are easy to come buy and are flooding the market so much, then might need to see why it's so easy, also on the other hand rare items might be too rare items that are millions likely are not how the dev's want that item to be that rare/demanded. One area that's seen little real economy wise is the trade side of items. How rare something is vs it's demand. Items like nails need to be common because they are on high demand and use while other items are common but never get used.

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    Cash should be an item that is not tied to your character until you get it safely back to your totem and deposit it.

    Much like putting your money in a real bank, this would allow players to still get the thrill of killing players for their cash out in the wild before they can get it safely to the bank.

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    Whose idea was this cash thing change? Really? Does this really need to be fixed or changed?? Seriously, cash is an issue now?? What about combat fixes? What about the lag issues? I had to move my tribe out to an extreme area just to get away from the lag brought about by the tribes that are building these monstrous buildings. These issues have been in game since I first started a few years ago. We have been waiting patiently. I fell in love with this game but I'm about ready to delete it from my computer. I have multiple accounts and was going to add more in support, but I'm done. I wont support this game financially any longer. I'm beyond frustrated!

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