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    While my cash is correct I'm not a fan of this idea, very little of the cash I've had in game has come from scavenging, the majority of it has come from dead tribes and the odd abandoned cart.

    I see DDT is going on about trade again, face it bud you're never going to rule the marketplace in Xsyon, purely because there isn't one to rule over. I'm in 904 which might skew results a bit, but I have a couple of 5 slot carts on my totem for $50, I have a pile of newbie weapons I've taken from revs (shovels, axes and knifes) for $1 each, yet despite them being on there for a few months now nobody has bought anything. Why should they when they can make everything themselves with some patience and a lot of grinding.

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    The problem is there isn't any way to generate cash at the moment other than just scavenging, honestly at the rate its going to take me to find 5k to buy that recipe i could have just unlocked it.

    On the other side the amount of stuff im going to have to gather for you to want to buy it is not worth the time its going to take me to trek it half way cross the map to sell it to you.

    Not to mention i can't see your quests from anywhere else, Quest totems are like the store side of the market. Ideally people should be able to say i want X for Y, most of the time that should be "I want X, offering Y money"

    But again there is a problem in that i have no where to sell stuff to get money to offer to other players or to purchase stuff for my self. So this leads back to gathering everything we need ourselves and not being able to really trade.

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    Because the economy is not a focus. I used to offer money to people all the time. When you had power house traders that have tons of money and low on items, they in turn sell for a profit. So out lying totems and tribes would sell to the traders at a lower rate than normal but in bulk. This is exactly how my tribe worked. I would buy massive amounts of items not because I could sell every item I bought but because it would give me a huge stockpile of everything.

    I do not want to derail this tread anymore so I'm going to stop my reply about it here.

    I really like the cash option of no weight and able to be carried around easy. It will help a lot.

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    I've add my current feedback + some technical issues about the testserver to a ticket.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ladyxsyon View Post
    I'm at a frustration level with the upgrades of this game, so many time you swear and promise us to get ranged combat and animals set right for pathing, yet you come up with these crazy ideas no one has asked for nor wants, why cant you just give us what you have promised for years now, why cant we have better cooking and farming and the rest of the things your ppl who pay you for the game wants, you claim its player driven that is BS SIR, you always have an excuse, stop with them and start focusing on your PROMISES, until then I quit
    this was suggested and requested over years, and for sure its a nice step forward to carry money for trading on PvP server, or even without any weight on both servers. be patient and wait. non of the stuff you wrote will push any of the upcoming features further or change prioritys.
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    Thanks for all the input so far.

    I'm going to lock this thread for now as the current Test Server build is not set up with the cash consolidation test. I'll re-open the thread when I run this test again. For now, it seems that my latest set up worked best for players.

    Thanks again!

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