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    Red face Grasshoppers goodies PVP

    I would like to kick up some trade on War so I'm opening a forum shop.

    To trade:

    Arumleaf Arrowhead 20
    Blue Elder Berry 40
    Blue Eyed Grass 40
    Camas Lily 100
    Dandelion 160
    False Solomons Seal 40
    Mariposa Lily 40
    Mugwort 20
    Self Heal 20
    Sierra Yampah 40
    Red Elderberry 20
    Water Crest 20
    Yarrow 40

    Aspen 100

    Foragers Tongs
    Foragers Scrapper
    Foragers Rod
    Artisan Forgers Pressing Board
    Trappers Paintbrush
    Scrappers Chalk
    Standard Pick
    Pattern: Malka Bear Hat
    Pattern:Artisan Hoga Shoulder Pads

    Bulk Goods

    Premium decorations.
    Premium buckles.
    Premium plastic grips.
    Premium feathers.
    Premium spikes.
    Blue prints.
    Basketry schemes.

    Updated 2/9/17, more to come!

    Contact below or whisper grasshopper in game!
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    I have returned after a successful another successful semester!

    Will be updating soon

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