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    2016 Easter egg hunt

    In the past, lets say 2 years at least, during Easter, the game gave us an Easter egg Hunt. What do people and their kids do in real life on Easter is to hide Easter eggs and let the kids find them...inside are goodies.

    Well for the past 2 years yes that's what Xsyon did...hide bins anywhere on the game map and we went out to find them...inside was either a bunny head to exchange for a gift or the gifts were in the bin....hours of enjoyment in searching for the bins and the gifts were indeed good.

    This year the Easter egg hunt took on a new twist. Now mind you , I had to go to work just as the event started but I listened to the rules....You were summoned to Founders where there is a maze set up...within the maze are clusters of rabbits and an occasional egg ie: bin?. you were to go thru the maze and KILL the rabbits and the person with the most rabbit heads won the event. along the way you could find the Easter eggs and turn them in for gifts or the new event tokens I guess.

    I don't mind for a change of pace basically because I sence any Guide has very limited time to host these events...the old way would take almost the entire day...this hr. per server. But...

    what is wrong with this event?...Easter egg hunt always portrays an event with children and there are some who play this game with their parents...but for Xsyon to have us kill rabbits for Easter? Shame on you...teach the new post apocalyptic kids that instead of the Easter bunny leaving an egg for you to find...we want you to kill the rabbits...

    Again I had no time to stay and see how the event went but the rules disgusted me as an event for Easter


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