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    Capture The Flag Event - 4/23

    Hey guys here is a little more information about our capture the flag event.

    First of all last time we had some issues with people getting a little lost, this its a little more simple! Basically the trees will act as a natural barrier for those who don't know the area. I've also drawn out a map to reference the fortress locations, the starting/spawning location, and the basic pathing.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    And the rules are as follows: Do no show up with any gear, if you die respawn at the CTF event, if you kill someone loot their flag (if they have one), and drop it on the ground next to them or as close to them as you can get. Thats it!
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    I had fun at this event, thanks everyone.

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    Had fun at the event also. would love to do it again sometime

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    I have to say this was a extremely fun event. A special thank you to the Guides for all of your time and effort. If this event comes up again, I urge all who read this to participate!

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