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    Now Exploring Xsyon!

    Hey all!

    My name is Mike (aka Weemcast, or "Weem") - I play games and record myself doing so, like so many others out there, hehe.

    I've been exploring the game this last week and have really enjoyed it so far! I brought a few friends of mine over as well - some guys who played Wurm Unlimited with me. We set up on the South East shore initially but just moved to the Tallac area (South West short) tonight, positioning ourselves closer to the scavenging area, etc.

    Our Tribe is called Blackwater Trade Company. Our goal is to get a good feel for the game and go from there. If you are interested in following along with us on Youtube, I have a few videos up at this point, this being the first:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for having us!
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    Enjoyed your video series. It's partly why I decided to start playing! I toyed with it a long time ago but didn't have a computer that could handle it. Thanks!


    I loaded Xsyon on the same laptop that wouldn't play it a couple of years ago and it performs flawlessly now. The optimizations in the game since then are amazing. Thanks!
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    Welcome to Xsyon, Humerox.

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    Thanks! Joined the Apache Tribe on War. Haven't met many folks yet but TokTok is really nice. I scouted the Peace server but it just seems too cluttered for my taste.

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    Well done sir.

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