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    What would you tell my (Youtube) viewers about Xsyon?

    Hey all!

    I have started what will be a brief series following my early exploration of Xsyon. I have two videos up already (linked below) and would like to ask you...

    1) Assuming you are enjoying the game, what would you tell my viewers are the main reasons you enjoy the game?

    2) What are some things about the game that some people may not be into, and should be aware of (even if in some of those cases, you have no issues with or even enjoy those elements yourself: ex: no instant gratification, etc)?

    I am familiar with some of the pros and cons of the game, but I would love to incorporate your own words into perhaps a final video I do, especially as I will not have the time to explore any end-game related elements before I conclude the initial series.

    Here are those first two videos, and I will bring the rest here as they go up...

    Episode 1: The Start --

    Episode 2: The Tribe / Architecture --

    More info, for those interested...

    I'm "only" 20 hours in (still feel so new to the game!) but have been very much enjoying it. I've just come off of a Wurm Unlimited run where I poured some 400+ hours into it over the course of a few months. I do not have the time to dedicate as much to Xsyon at the moment unfortunately (I have many other games I want to get to) but the goal is to do an initial 5 videos or so.

    The third episode is recorded already (it covers terraforming), but I would love to incorporate any advice or information into the final videos as I can, especially anything that you feel might give people a better understanding of... the game plays/feels
    ...what the "day to day" looks like
    ...what you do to challenge yourselves once you have "completed" everything


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    As it os a mmo sandbox game, your occupations are direcly related to you! YOu are the one and only who can make you things to do. By doing things i mean, that will never be some berserk fight with fast paste action like in some games. In Xsyon more of your brain will be used than your fingers and reflexes hehe. The game is also alot more enjoyable in a tribe and having a bigger population would be a great thing. Im still pretty new to Xsyon but im used with this kind of games and it is not an appeal to every gamers. By example: the little baby crying whos playing LoL shitting on everyone and thinking he's so smart, would not have a long life in Xsyon. Id recomend saying that its a game for mature persons, peace love and order reigns (in PvE server it is, never tried PvP). SO if a guy is expecting to enter a massive world like Fallout 4 and wanting to crush ppl arround or simply being an agresse chimp, it is really not the right place. The gameplay is alot more oriented on crafting, exploring and socialising. This game will please any gamer who like developing and shaping world/land scapes. Also this game is held by a super crew of tech support developpers, any you can think. It is a well supported game with very good potential. My ONLY bad point for now, after nearly 1 week of play hehe (my credibility is none) is only the low player base. The mechanics the crafting, how the game is builded is very nice and enjoyable. Also it is morely a question of hardwar, the game may require quite more its said on steam. So having a powerfull machine is quite needed to run it on high, im playing in low quality and i still can enjoy the game.

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    Hi Weem... is helpful if you tell others in the forums of which server you are playing might get more help that way.

    but all in all...on either server, if you ask there should be someone on that will answer to give you advice.

    1) my main reason I started playing the game...a bit over 3 yrs ago...was that there were NO quests. What I mean by that is there are no npc quests with rewards...what you get out of the game is what you put into it.

    2)Looting or killing others is the only instant gratification in the game. I saw by your video's that you don't want to take the stuff left by others because you want to get by with only that made by yourself. I would take the tools if nothing else...they break and someone will have to be making them constantly.
    Pvp has been one of the turn offs in the game mostly due to the desync problem for combat and then id say 80% of people who like the game only want to build...not be bothered...that's why the server was split. But even on the Pvp server you wont find much pvp. At the time of this thread, I myself only occasionally kill someone who is AFK'd off their property, srry but if you leave a dollar on the table, im going to take it.
    There really is no end game content...unless you want to say killing a 1500 hp shadow Bear end content.

    The day to day is eating/drinking ( I hate building ) then doing whatever you, explore, build, Kill (animals, mutants, others)

    Even after 3 years I have not completed everything but feel as if I have. I help out new players and or go kill others being jerks on the server.
    So...Hope others will respond to give you their insight

    Mookie, Glorp, Gruu PVP server Oasis Tribe
    Mookie, Gruu PVE server Oasis Tribe, Glorp...all by himself under a rock PVE server

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    As one of the players that loves to build, I can tell you there is really no end
    to what you can dream up if you are the creative type. Crafting as well is very
    rich and varied and will take along time to get to where you are making the best
    quality armors. Weapon crafting is a bit more difficult but will pay off.

    With the current low population, it is a bit difficult to build up a tribe to get the size
    needed to build a truly nice fortress or town, but there are a few established tribes
    you can join to access more room.

    When The dev has completed the animal AI revisions and implement the new
    adventure system this game will really come into it's own. Imagine setting up
    your own quests, dungeons or event with mobs, traps locked doors and quest lines.

    The sky will be your limit, and you will be hindered only by your lack of imagination!

    Pawnee Tribe Leader, Supplier of Insight, Friend of all!

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    Thanks for the responses, I appreciate them

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    Remember the words of a great Canadian philosopher: "You're only limited by your own imagination, and the laws in your area."

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    Very good videos....nice work.
    “Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”

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