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    Cobral a.k.a Bio Hazard form FoM!

    Grrettings citizens of Xsyon! I am a devoted sanbox game player who just started playing Xsyon. Im still learning all the mechanics in game but im totaly open to learn all of this mind losing world haha. As i dont play anything else than sandboxes games, im seeking an active tribe, that could be composed of more than 3 people. What im looking for, is social encouters and cooperatively build and feel fun. By now im nearly a week old (experience) and i feel really alone, a thing that i dont like. Id like to know if any tribes on PvE or PvP server are taking new ones and is ACTIVE on a regular basis. Im playing everyday but dont feel like i want to continue being alone, im playing sandboxes not only to build a place for me to live, but others too. I think the social feeling and being in group, talking making alot of interactions are the most important things in a sandbox. A thing this game really lack. Im really liking and enjoying the game, but to be able to play it alot, but i mean, ALOT, i need to feel like im in a kind of faction or in a lively world. Please let me know if any tribes are numbered (i dont expect a hundred persons in the same) and playing the game very regulary.

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