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    Want to buy game and have a few questions

    Hey all I want to buy the game I love crafting/Survival/Building games and was wondering how this game is and how does it compare to Wurm?

    Also does the game get repetitive and a little boring due to lack of certain things the game may not have yet being early access and all? Thank you...

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    If you love building and crafting, you will love this game.

    It is a long term game, so you sure wont be able to do everything in a couple weeks,
    and there are a huge number if different tools, weapons, armor types not to mention
    all the different types of building parts that can be put in different combos to make
    very unique styles.

    Please look me up in game I'm called LaughingOak, leader of the pawnee in 896.

    You can even select our tribe as your starting point and we can get you started,
    and show you just rich and varied the game can be.

    Pawnee Tribe Leader, Supplier of Insight, Friend of all!

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    Ok my in game name is Artaniss I will look you up. WHen are you on? I am from North American and on Eastern Standard Time... Thanks..

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    Not trying to jack your thread but have a related question:

    Is this game still subscription? So you have to buy the game for $30 and pay a sub?

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    There is currently no subscription. Buy once, play always.

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