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    Thinking of buying the game

    Hello all I was thinking of buying the game. Can anyone tell me will this game run with a AMD Phenom II N870 x3 2.30 and a gpu ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series 6 Gigs ram? Like to mention this is a dell laptop Model M5010.

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    the hardware requirements for sxyon aren't too high. you shouldnt have any problems to run it with your system, unless the notebook gets overheat quick in general

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    Hello, I'd rather not make a new topic for nothing since my question rejoices the OP's.

    I have an old GTX 275 and fairly recent processor which I do not worry about. I would like to know if you believe I can run this game on my computer ? I believe I could, but my computer is having fun with me for months now, not wanting me to play games

    I'm thinking of buying the game, someone said on Steam reviews that your base and advancement wouldn't disappear up to 6 months and if that's so I'm definitely taking the game because I often like to stop playing for about 1 month and come back afterwards.

    Thanks in advance for any reply

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pwnuts View Post
    the hardware requirements for sxyon aren't too high.
    you should just try it. i ran xsyon on my old computer over 3 years ago which was not that great and i used all configurations on max. the only problem was the ping which is kinda normal from europe to usa. you could lower some graphic or resolution if you really have issues, but xsyon does not run on a cry engine 3 or such. i doubt your computer will reach any limit.

    you can log in anytime to reset the decay of your base/tribe. you could also a add subscription which avoids any decay while you are absent.

    on the bottom of the steampage you can see the suggested hardware, and compare it.

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