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    chimney rock and stoney ridge has also been found also on war server

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    - In Mount Tallac on a peak overlooking the lake

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    NorthStar has been found on PVP

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    Found the one in Chimney Rock on Peace.

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    found this one as well: In Skunk among rocks at a river's end

    it was where the river begins, not end
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    Found Stateline in PvE server. Thanks!

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    found the last one: In Diamond nestled in a road's hairpin

    no more bins on PVE left.

    thanks for the event!!

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    found in crackedcrag on pvp

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    North East corner of Zone 698 south of the Big Lake
    Cracked Grag and Homewood where found on pvp.

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    PVP found: - In Diamond a circle of rocks lays beneath a waterfall

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