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Thread: Hi, New Guy

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    Hi, New Guy

    Pre-ordered the game late last week and am now just beginning to get around to boards now.

    Anyways, hi all.

    Are there any good clans/tribes/guilds looking for some fresh meat?

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    Re:Hi, New Guy

    There are a good amount of tribes around.
    Here is a list of tribes, though not every tribe is included in the list: List of tribes

    I'll refer you to Ancient Embers. We're a small bunch of people, but our goals are high. We look to have activities in every aspect of the game. Check out our Thread with info: Ancient Embers

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    Re:Hi, New Guy


    Before people start recommending their own tribes here, I suggest looking through the tribe recruitment forum and reading a few threads of names that catch your interest. You'll probably find a tribe that fits you better that way.

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    Re:Hi, New Guy


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    Re:Hi, New Guy

    HELLO NEW GUY : ))

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    Re:Hi, New Guy

    Hello and welcome!

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    Re:Hi, New Guy

    Hey morning, welcome to Xsyon.

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    Re:Hi, New Guy

    These are some friendly forums, thank you all.

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