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    New Voicechat Server

    >>>What is Discord? click here<<<

    i saw on the Steam forum that the current TS3 server is offline. I set up a Discord server for the reason that with a small, unregulare active community discord would do way better. ppl can stay in touch and read messages / pinned stuff which was posted when they were offline.

    I believe for the Xsyon community the features discord offer compared to TS3 is a better way of communication.

    the link should be permanent. if anyone have problems to connect please let me know about it.

    Edit: i was not aware there is a browser version of discord as well. some people joined and had no chance to use voicechat.

    to join our discord and talk with others as well please download the app on the official discord page.

    copy the link above and join the discord server ( left side of your interface ).

    if you still have any trouble please post it here. best regards, Pean
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