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    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon View Post
    Thanks guys for all the help checking these!

    It looks like these are all good to go now.

    To Pwnuts:

    Originally I had planned a system more similar to UO, but not as limiting. In UO, if I recall correctly, you can max around 15% of your skills if the rest are at 0. I was planning a cap allowing a player to max somewhere between 25% to 50% of skills if the rest were at 0. Skill gain and loss was meant to be at the same linear rate, making it easy for players to choose what skills to currently max or lose.

    The current system with 'soft caps', decreasing gain rates and balancing with always an overall skill gain was designed to please players. I honestly don't like how it's working at all.

    The speed of gains was set when I had a larger more active test team and was supposed to be balanced. Only much later did I hear from players that it was not properly balanced with certain skills being too difficult to gain.
    you have some player who stay with you since years, who raised more than 50% of their skills to lvl 100. this considering is a bit late tbh. also the speed of skillgain is pretty much balanced imo. its a slow progress and this keeps goals up. if a player will reach it faster, also will hit a cap, i assum he wont have goals in xsyon what can effect the population a lot.

    anyway, i hope you keep in mind there are people around who spend a uncountable amount of hours to get their toons to a stage where they are now, as i did. this time is not replaceable and a cap would prolly push the last veteran player who supported you over years away from this game.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon View Post

    So... The system needs to be revised, but this time I will run extensive data tests and not just rely on player input. The best time to do this is when I can release new skills which will come at the end of the creature updates. For now I'd like to close out these bugs and minor issues and then we can start testing the creature revisions. Skill revisions will come after.

    Thanks again!
    the changes you do now Xsyon will effect the skilldecay already, which has never worked like this, only for a few players. i never had any skill decay by no uses, because the decay system was broken.
    what i was asking for is basically to consider the amount of locks in combat and resources skill for now. i understand it was never supposed like this, but people worked with it this way for years and now its going to be nerfed, not the right way imo.

    you expect a player can do 2-3 skills and have to trade or team up with others OR have a couple of chars and make everything by his own. till now player was able to do everything with 1 charackter if they had spend a whole lot of effort and time on it.
    there is no economy, people do not even use tradetotems or similar. the problem is that new player will never get a decend amount of dollars for trading, the few bucks they find are used to pay upkeep. also with the current population this expectation does not work. if everyone focus on diffrent skills to support each other, and trade with the stuff he gather/craft, all items need to have the same value. how will a bonecrafter be able to charge for loads of bones if another player does hunting and they are expansive, while another one can skill basketry or masonry by just picking grass or rocks.

    also, i said that in the combat revision thread already. this is xsyon, not any other game. keep your own style and do not copy from other games, this is what xsyon makes unique of the current chooseable sandbox/crafting games.

    everyone is crying for new contents, but we need to work on the stuff we already have which is not working first. new stuff causes new problems. this thread is pretty good, finally you are back to the bugsmashing.

    stuff that needs to be fixed to keep new player in the game and get a decent populations should be priotity
    - everyone wants to build, the inspiration of arch is terrible. people hit lvl 100 and know about 50/400 recipes.
    - terrain recreation is to slow, there are not enough free spots for newbs to settle down, also the rev spawn should be destroyable by killing them once the totem finally poped.
    - critter, not even combat needs to be balanced. mobs have to stay in the danger zone they are supposed to be. range of mobs need to be checked ( especially small mutants ), hitboxes, behavour, ect.

    and sorry for the one who spend his voice on this, the new video on steam sounds terrible. the kickstarter one was way better. people use videos/screens and reviews to decide if they buy this game or not. currently it does not show many attractive sides of Xsyon, and we for sure have them!
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    Will the skill tracker fixed, the main difference is that players will have better control over what skills decay through actual recent use, which is how the system was intended to work in the first place.

    You still can set 4 skills to 'minus' which is the same as having 0 uses for that recent week. If you want only those skills to decay all you need is 1 use per skill in the most recent week of playing. (At least 4 skills will always decay slightly as always). That's not very complicated.

    About the video on Steam, that's funny. I did the voice for the earlier video and was criticized for it not being professional. I hired a voice actor for the current video and though I don't think it's great, I think it's better than what I could do. That's what I could afford. Morgan Freeman was out of my price range.

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    it is not my intention to set 4 skills to minus, but to take care that the skills do not decay.
    for combat, if you expect a player who raised ALL combat skills will use them ALL once per week, please lower the weight of weapons by 80% so we can carry all kinds of weapons with us all the time, or set it to more than 1 week.

    edit: nvm
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    Ok, I'm not entirely clear on your concern with skills.

    Are you saying that currently there is a way to gain in one skill and at the same time no other skills in the same group decay?

    About the voice, it's hard to please everyone. I don't think the voice from your guild member is any better than what is currently on Steam. Sorry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon View Post
    Are you saying that currently there is a way to gain in one skill and at the same time no other skills in the same group decay?
    no, but as far as i understood, skills will now decay over time without raising other skills?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pwnuts View Post
    no, but as far as i understood, skills will now decay over time without raising other skills?
    I see... No, skills will only decay when another skill is gained, just like now. The only difference is that the skill tracker number of recent AND total uses will be updated correctly.

    This should make it easier for players to choose what skills decay (when another is gained, of course) without having to set them to 'minus'.

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    got it. still i would appreciate another 1-2 locks for combat and resources once you deal with stats again.

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