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    Invalid Character Perimeters....

    I have tried to create 5 new characters and I keep getting invalid character perimeters...

    Anyone else running into this ??

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    Re:Invalid Character Perimeters....

    What parameters did you enter?

    Please email me with exact details.

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    Re:Invalid Character Perimeters....

    It's really great to see the developer actively participating in the forums.

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    Re: Invalid Character Perimeters....

    Gender, Male. Age, 16. Birth Month, April. Birth Date, 9. Height, 140cm. Weight, 31kg. Head, Head 3. Eyes, Red.

    Skin Hue, 0. Skin Tone, 0. Skin Melanin, 25. Hair Style, 7. Facial Hair, 0. Hair color, Red.

    Strenth, 75. Fortitude, 55. Agility, 65. Dexterity, 55. Intelligence, 65. Spirit, 55. Perception, 75, Charm, 55. (Total 500 (less default) 100 points).

    Armed Combat, Axes, Scavenging, Hiding, Tailoring, Beater, Cargo Shorts, Select Shoes.


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    Re: Invalid Character Perimeters....

    Was trying to make another character and was logged out unexpectedly to the login screen.

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    Re:Invalid Character Perimeters....

    Before the most recent patching, trying to make a minimum height, weight, age male always yielded this result. I didn't try it yesterday.

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    Re:Invalid Character Perimeters....

    Was it narrowed down to those was it?

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    Re:Invalid Character Perimeters....

    Unofficially by me it was, yes. I noticed the max height had been changed, so tried to make a minimum size character. Then I tried a bunch more times.

    It takes me 5-10 minutes to get into the game right now though, so repetitive testing of character creation is extremely painful.

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    Re:Invalid Character Perimeters....

    yeah I hear ya, I cant even log in at the moment now because the sever logged me out while I was editing a character. Think it may be a inactivity thing.

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    Re:Invalid Character Perimeters....

    I made a thread about this earlier and I'm pretty sure this has to do with either minimum height or minimum weight.

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