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    How active are the players in Xsyon?

    Hey guys,

    So I was thinking of buying the game -- I remember way back, I downloaded the game when it was free and really enjoyed the atmosphere and hardcore nature of the sandbox elements -- and I was just wondering what the player base was like now. I know it's not the most popular game, but I remember the world being fairly populated when I played back in the day. What are the players like? Is there anyone even still playing? I imagine with this type of game there are bound to be groups of dedicated fans, but is it enough to warrant the 30 price tag?

    Thanks for any responses,
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    Hello Liam,

    Both server, PvE and PvP do have some active players. i think for the current price you wont regret if you give it another try. also there is no subscription anymore. you just buy the game once and you can play without caps.

    the population is not that great on both server tbh, when you've been playing there was way more people, also because of the test accound period. still its fun and if you enjoyed it in 2013, you will still do. we have some new stuff as well.

    feel free to build up your own place on PvE server, we have a really nice community over here now.

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    To be honest, I'd be really happy with a small but friendly community. Dedicated. I must've played the game around 2012... real long time ago now... I don't think it even had 'prelude' in the title...
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    If you ever had a paid account, you can play now all you want. Looks like you joined in May 2013 so you should be able to come back without paying (although I'm sure Jordi would appreciate the money).

    And yes the community is fairly small but friendly, even on the PvP server.

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    Both the Peace and War communities are nice, but I'd go as far as to say the War server has the friendliest and most helpful people, believe it or not. Still have to watch your back though.

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    There are always many people...on the peace is all i know now. A lot of them will not talk in global chat though..often when i run to places see people in say chat(local) or they are talking in tribe chat. Theres always new people and old people. There have been times where even in Pawnee we had 8 or 9 online but nobody would ever talk in global :<

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