Hello and thank you for taking the time to view this thread.

Years of gaming on the MMO scene (I logged in my first MMORPG March 12, 2000)--- has taught me that one can't expect too much from these types of things. Burnout rate is insanely high now, to where I can't play a game more than 2-3 hours before becoming totally hopeless and distraught. You may be thinking I need medication then. Well, I take plenty, thank you very much.

Irregardless, Xsyon: Prelude has broken this glitchy lifestyle of videogame love/hate for me. What an incredible experience! I bought it at release, however, have been back and forth more due to instability of lifestyle than any personal gaming choice. It is also insanely deep, and perhaps the 2012 me lacked the cognitive capabilities that the 2016 me has. Very likely.

Irregardless, I have started a tribe. There is a special-special-girl that wants me to join hers but I really don't think its going to go down like that unless she hands over her candy-cane shovel. SO...

Irregardless, if you are new and need help; whether it be items, money, love, friendship, occult scientist master mad scientist laboratory stuff, or even just some guidance -- Astralnaught is here to help.

Irregardless, this is my first post. I will return.