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    FIle Size

    Is there anyway of splitting up the size of the files in the download? That last file is 2gb in size, for some of us on 3rd world internet this is a really long download, it took over 3 hours to download that part for me last night. As the patch server is being taken down intermittently for new updates or whatever when you are 2 hours into a download and have to start again it is a real pain in the butt. :dry:

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    Re:FIle Size

    I'm considering doing this, but a better solution is to have partial downloads saved. I'm going to discuss this with the launcher programmer tonight.

    Also, where are you located? We're looking into a better location for the download server that will best accomodate our players.

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    Re:FIle Size

    South Australia is her location. And +1 :P

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    Re:FIle Size

    Yup, kiwi and I are about as far away from civilisation as you can get, in fact he is even further away than me!

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    Re:FIle Size

    LOL yes, Im quite close to Antarctica, "The butt crack of New Zealand" is where I live.

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