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    08/08/2016 - Feedback Request - Optimization Patch

    A massive optimization and bug fix patch is now live. If you encounter any problems or unexpected changes with this patch, please post them here so that I can look into them immediately.

    Full patch notes for this patch are posted here


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    Hi, I just died in tribe and when the revive screen appeared, it didn't list tribe names, (usually 3 options), but had 5 options listed as there were 5 currency amounts, however the 2nd sum was about 10 digits long and covered the 'distance' section. I died again to test it and had the same issue again.

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    We saw the same problem - and when my wife picked the 0 dollar option it wasn't for our home tribe, but a nearby starting area.

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    Strange tool tip issues. The tool tip would occasionally show an incorrect colored (rare) item label repeated to the edge of the screen. Moving the mouse at all would cause it to refresh and show the correct info. This happened several times until the tool tip showed what I guess was the array of non alphabet characters. This stayed fixed on the screen and all other text in the game disappeared, even the escape menu showed blank boxes. Then crashed during exit. Will try to get screencaps of the buggy tooltips if it happens again.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	tooltipbug1.jpg 
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    Here's a recurrence of the first tool tip bug.

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    The Infirmary panel (re-spawn location list) has been fixed on the Test Server and is being checked out (through the launcher only right now).

    I haven't been able to reproduce the tool tip issue so I have a few questions:

    1) When this happens is it only with full 50 slot bins? Or does it happen with any size containers with varying contents?

    2) Does this happen with containers on your back / belt pouches? Or does this happen only with containers on the ground? Or does this happen with containers in a cart only? Or can it happen with any of these?


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    I have only noticed in 50 slot bins on carts, not sure if the bin needs to be full to cause the bug. I will test.

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    First noticed tooltip bug on items in meat or plant baskets in commissary. Later saw in 50 slot bins on ground.

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    So far I have seen it from bins that were in carts, in tents, and on the ground, but not carried packs or pouches. They need not be full.

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    I've patched fixes for both the infirmary / revival issue and the tool tip bug. If either still has problems please let me know.

    I wasn't able to actually reproduce the tool tip bug but I didn't find a potential cause in the code and fixed it. So, I think it's fixed but we'll soon see.


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