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    Founder's Trading marketplace is underway!

    With the help of Mookie from Oasis, we started setting up where the marketplace will go. Obviously, things are very basic right now (this is also my 10th day playing, by the way). My plan is to have a centralized market section where citizens can come from all over to trade goods. The place is close enough to Founder's Isle that it's relatively safe. I will also live at the location, although all my stuff will be hidden from public view. The end result will look something like a fresh market or something like that. Not a ton of lag-inducing buildings, but just practical items to make the place aesthetically appealing.

    Please see pictures below. Again, this is the first day, playing with location, etc. We already have two trade totems up, so feel free to swing by and see what we have for sale.
    I will continue to update this thread with the progress of the location. Feel free to join in!

    Looking forward to seeing you all around.


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  2. 08-10-2016, 08:53 PM

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    We have a new trader who has joined the market. Welcome, Calcifer!

    We also discussed adding quest totems, which will be more useful to new players since they won't have cash to use on the trade totems. I thought this was a wonderful idea, and will be implementing quest totems in the final design of the market.

    More updates to come soon... hopefully something having to do with aesthetics


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    Was late last night and missed everyone but...

    Oasis has started to load its totem and...has added a quest totem to start helping new players to get some coin to buy stuff with. If you don't want to do the quests then you can still find coin in the scav. piles. please understand you can only find the coin by doing the scav action...if you pull and sort, you will not get any.

    Also...let us know if there are any items you would like to see put up on the armour, BP's, etc...


    p.s. I have talked with Whorlok of ABT and he plans on making a tribe event to come down and place a trade totem in the near future ( I spose he has to train some Marmots to pull the carts )
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    Awesome Mookie! I think new players will definitely benefit from some quest totems. I'll make space for them asap.

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    Founder's Trading trade totem will have food for sale at very affordable prices going forward. Unfortunately, we will not be selling meat, but instead we will carry a variety of vegetables that will be just as appetizing and satisfying!

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    Hey I was just up there yesterday, how goes things? Looking for an update.

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    Looks at the date of the post Bonegetter is inquiring about....

    do you not look at these dates? 6 months ago...a lot has changed since then but if Baby or DDT are still reading the forums, you will get an answer sooner or later.


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    Naw they wont answer cause its something I helped a person start but he barely was doing anything ingame...mostly just forum posts...then he quit...

    so need to start it up now...ball is in your park


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    It actually looked like something was going on up there the other day. Also I saw Mookie was involved so I figured its legit.

    Besides whats six months in a game like this?

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    You talking about me Ooloo? I'm still around just waiting for development lol.

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